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PhD programme Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, deadline September 2014

The PhD Programme in "Individual Person and Legal Protections" is characterized by an interdisciplinary connotation on the subject of the protection of the individual in modern society in the following fields: Private Law; Comparative Private Law; European Public and Comparative Law; Public and Constitutional Law; Legal Theory; Criminal Law.

The Programme consists in the following curricula:
- Human Person, Liabilities and Contracts;
- Constitutional Law and the protection of Individual;
- Criminal Law and the Individual
- Legal Protection in Comparative and Transnational Law
- Law and Technology.

Admission Requirements
- Applicants must hold a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree or equivalent title. EU citizens applicants who will obtain their degree no later than October 31, 2014 may also apply. In this case applicants will be temporarily admitted but they must provide evidence that they have graduated by that date. Such candidates must fill in the application form stating the expected date of the defence of their thesis, and must attach a summary of their thesis to the documentation of the call.
- to be under 35 years old on September 9, 2014; as an exception, older than 35 may be admitted by the Examination Committee on the basis of their experience as reported in their curriculum.

Positions and grants
6 positions with 6 scholarship (amounting to € 14.000 per year + one free meal (lunch or dinner) per day at the canteen of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna from Monday to Saturday+ Campus facilities). One of these scholarship will be assigned to citizens from NON EU countries.

Candidates are requested to apply online by September 9, 2014.

Attachments to the application
Applicants must attach pdf files of:
- a copy of their passport;
- a copy of their CV;
- a copy or the abstract of their Master's thesis in English, and a copy of any other publication that they deem suitable;
- a detailed list of academic courses taken (written either in English, Italian, French, German, or Spanish). This list must contain information regarding credits and/or units (or the equivalent) and the score and date of each course taken. Candidates who have completed the Bachelor's degree will also produce certification of exams in the three years;
- a copy of the research project, of no more than 3,000 words (excluding bibliography), which describes the research activities that the applicants would like to perform during their PhD course. The research project should include:
- a title;
- the scientific premises and relevant bibliography;
- the aim and expected results of the research project;
- the common ground between the research project and the research lines followed by the Professors of the PhD Programme (For more information on the research line:;
- the experimental methods and data analysis methods which will be used, where required;
- two reference letters written by faculty members who have supervised the applicant’s work during his/her university studies.
- Only for non EU citizens: a copy of the Master's degree or equivalent title, to be translated into Italian or English, unless originally written in French, German or Spanish.

Selection of applicants
- Assessment of the titles: the submitted documents and publications, including the CV, and the Research Project.
- Interview dealing with documents and publications, the proposed Research Project and a test for assessing the level of knowledge of a language chosen by the candidate among French, English, German and Spanish

Only for non Italian native speakers: the Selection Committee will be tested to check whether their knowledge of Italian is sufficient to enable them to profitably take part in the training and research scheduled for the Programme.

Beginning of the PhD Programme
The PhD Programme will start on November 3, 2014.

tel. +39.050.883170

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