lunedì 29 dicembre 2014

Cultural Obstacles to European Legal Integration: Applying Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory

Jasper Verstappen 

Maastricht University - Faculty of Law

October 2, 2014


This paper connects research conducted in the ambit of cultural sciences with legal practice. Culture and law are closely intertwined. This is a direct result of a common core: values are at the core of both law and culture. The way values are acquired and relate to law and culture guarantees both a consistency in legal systems as well as potential dangers.

European legal integration might be one of these dangers. Legal integration changes law, which may result in a discrepancy between the law on the one hand and values and culture on the other. This paper explores whether research conducted by cultural scientists can help us discover to what extent European legal integration is a viable option. It indicates how cultural differences are reflected in law and how research illustrates the size of the differences among cultures. There seems to be no such thing as 'unity in diversity.'
Number of Pages in PDF File: 18

Keywords: European integration; Legal integration; Cultural dimensions; Hofstede

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