venerdì 14 agosto 2015

Legal Manifestations of the Emergency in National Euro Crisis Law

Stephen Coutts 

European University Institute

Leticia Díez Sánchez 

European University Institute - Department of Law (LAW)

Afroditi-Ioanna Marketou 

European University Institute - Department of Law (LAW)

Leonardo Pierdominici 

European University Institute - Department of Law (LAW); University of Bologna - Faculty of Law


EUI Department of Law Research Paper No. 2015/14 

Most constitutions foresee a 'state of emergency' associated with the existence of an armed conflict. Paradoxically, modern societies seem to be permanently confronted with genuine emergencies increasingly removed from the threat of actual, physical violence. The Eurozone crisis can be said to have accentuated this, as the immense pressures from financial markets have turned the control of public finances into a struggle for the survival of the affected States. The present paper explores the legal manifestations of emergency in the domestic law of Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland. These countries have all been hit by the Eurozone crisis (albeit in different manners) and have had to accommodate external oversight in their crisis management. The adoption of emergency measures for tackling the economic upheavals has been diverse across the case studies, although all have in common the emergence of a prominent role for the executive in the aftermath of the Eurozone crisis.
Number of Pages in PDF File: 29

Keywords: Constitutional law; Constitutional change; Eurozone crisis; Economic emergency; Emergency legislation

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