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Call for Papers Younger Scholars Forum in Comparative Law XXth International Congress 2018 International Academy of Comparative Law Fukuoka, Japan July 25, 2018

Call for Papers
Younger Scholars Forum in Comparative Law
XXth International Congress 2018
International Academy of Comparative Law
Fukuoka, Japan
July 25, 2018
We invite younger scholars to participate in the first-ever Younger Scholars Forum in
Comparative Law, to be held in Fukuoka, Japan on Wednesday, July 25, 2018, from 9:00am to
12:00pm as part of the larger quadrennial Congress of Comparative Law organized by the
International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL).
Abstracts are invited for eight (8) Workshops and one (1) TED-style Speakers’ Corner. All
nine sessions will be held concurrently from 9:00am to 12:00pm on the day of the Forum. More
details follow below on the subject-matter of each Workshop and on the format of the Speakers’
Abstracts may be submitted in either English or French, the two official languages of the
The Congress
The IACL hosts a general Congress of Comparative Law every four years. It is the premiere
gathering for scholars of comparative law. It is a “general” Congress because scholars of all fields
attend and participate in Workshops on specific subjects that span the broad range of private and
public law. To learn more about the IACL, here is its website: And here
is a description of the IACL itself:
The Younger Scholars Forum in Comparative Law
For the first time in its history (the first general Congress was held at The Hague in 1932), the
IACL will host a program for younger scholars, defined as those scholars with no more than
ten years of tenure-track faculty experience. This includes graduate students as well as postdoctoral
fellows, lecturers and visiting affiliates who have yet to secure a continuing faculty
The Younger Scholars Forum in Comparative Law is chaired and convened by Richard Albert
(Canada/USA) along with vice-chairs Luisa Fernanda García López (Colombia) and Maxime StHilaire
(Canada). The chair is supported by a Program Committee and a Senior Advisory
Committee. Members of both committees are identified further down below. The Program
Committee is composed of three subcommittees: the Planning & Priorities subcommittee, cochaired
by Cora Chan (China) and Yaniv Roznai (Israel); the Information & Recruitment
subcommittee, co-chaired by Cristina Fasone (Italy) and Daniel Wunder Hachem (Brazil); and the
Communications & Technology subcommittee, chaired by John Haskell (United Kingdom). 
Each Workshop will be conducted as a discussion group structured around accepted papers. Each
Workshop will feature two Moderators and a Distinguished Provocateur-Discussant. The
moderators will select up to 25 participants for a wide-ranging discussion that will run for the
duration of the three-hour session. The Distinguished Provocateur-Discussant will comment on
remarks made by participants, draw connections among the points made by the participants, seed
the discussion with new points and questions, as well as challenge, reinforce and/or complicate the
comments made by the participants. Discussions will be conducted in both English and French.
Each of the Workshops follows below with an abstract identifying the Moderators and
Distinguished Provocateur-Discussants.
Speakers’ Corner
The Speakers’ Corner will feature 15 to 18 TED-style 9-minute oral presentations on a scholarly
subject related to a topic of the speaker’s choice in comparative law. All presentations will be
recorded live in front of an audience at the Forum and uploaded on YouTube for larger
dissemination with the global community of comparative law.
How to Participate
By September 15, 2017, younger scholars should email an abstract between 150 and 500 words
to the Corresponding Moderator of the Workshop in which they would like to participate. All
Corresponding Moderators are identified below in connection with each Workshop. For those
interested in participating in the Speakers’ Corner, younger scholars should email an abstract
between 150 and 500 words to the Director of the Speakers’ Corner, also identified further below.
Applicants will be notified by October 15, 2017.
The IACL does not cover expenses for any participant, including Moderators and Distinguished
Provocateur-Discussants. But we believe that applicants’ home institutions will support
participation in this event given the prestige and history of the IACL along with the special
opportunity to exchange ideas and interact with younger scholars, Moderators and Distinguished
Provocateur-Discussants from around the world.
All successful participants will have to register with the IACL. No other affiliation is required to
participate in this program.
For questions about the Workshops, please contact Program Committee vice-chairs Luisa
Fernanda García López (Colombia) at or Maxime St-Hilaire
(Canada) at
For questions about the Speakers’ Corner, please contact the Director John Haskell (United
Kingdom) at 
For questions about the IACL, please contact Program Committee Chair Richard Albert at 

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