domenica 9 ottobre 2011

IALS: EU Defence Rights - 21 October

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies;  University of Birmingham; European Criminal Law Association (UK); Fair Trials International; and Justice, are pleased to announce the following afternoon seminar on:

EU Defence Rights

Date: Friday 21 October 2011, 2pm to 6pm

Venue: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DR

Chair: JONATHAN MITCHELL, 25 Bedford Way

·         DR SIMONE WHITE, OLAF: Introduction; 
·         DR MARIANNE WADE, Birmingham: on Challenges facing the Defence and the Legitimacy of Criminal Justice within the EU;
·         JODIE BLACKSTOCK, Justice: on The Roadmap on Procedural Safeguards: progress so far; 
·         DANIEL MANSELL, Fair Trials International: on  FTI case studies – The European Arrest Warrant and Defence Rights; 
·         PROFESSOR JOHN SPENCER, Cambridge: Concluding remarks

REGISTRATION:  this afternoon seminar is free but those wishing to attend must register in advance by emailing:            


Belinda Crothers
Academic Programmes Manager
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
School of Advanced Study, University of London
17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DR
Tel: 020 7862 5841.  Fax: 020 7862 5850.

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