lunedì 31 ottobre 2011

Pauwelyn on international law and politics

Is it International Law or Not and Does it Even Matter?

Joost Pauwelyn

Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (HEI)

October 27, 2011

Novel, hybrid and informal ways of international and transnational cooperation have emerged. Can the output of this informal cooperation, outside international organizations, involving state and non-state actors and leading to instruments other than formal treaties nonetheless amount to 'international law'? This paper examines whether 'informal international lawmaking' can still lead to international law. Is there a line or grey zone distinguishing law from non-law? What criterion does international law use to distinguish law from non-law? Who has the capacity to make international law? What is the difference between being law, having legal effects and being subject to law? And, perhaps most importantly, does it still matter whether an instrument is classified as inside or outside international law?
Number of Pages in PDF File: 44
Keywords: international law, soft law, informal law, normativity, social norms, rules of recognition, legal facts, legitimacy

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