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Re-Emerging Equality: Traditions of Justice in the Cultural Roots of the Egyptian Revolution

Giancarlo Anello 

University of Parma

Khaled Qatam 


July 27, 2014

Diritto & questioni pubbliche, Vol. 13 (2013): 367-405 

For years, modern Egyptian Islamic thinkers have been attempting to define Islamic ideals of social justice and the way in which they have been ignored in the post-colonial period. This paper will discuss and critique the mid-20th century works of theorists of the Muslim Revolution like Abbas Mahmud ‘Aqqad (author of al-dymuqratyah fy alislam, Democracy in Islam) and Sayyid Qutb (author of al-‘adalah al-ijtima‘iyya fy alislam, Social Justice in Islam) in order to shape the discourse about the relevance of their theories of democracy, justice and equality for today’s political movements.
Number of Pages in PDF File: 40
Keywords: Justice, Democracy, Islamic Jurisprudence, Culture, Revolution
Accepted Paper Series 

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